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The only all-natural, healthy, Pet CBD Supplement!

No dosing required ... Just pour on More Fun Days.

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"Our Rocky is back!"

"It's working and we're so happy that Soks seems like a younger dog!"

"Lady loves her gravy!"

"Charlie now gets on the bed after a year not being able to climb up!"

"Reilly is more...happy!"

"We're so glad it's all natural because Henry will be having gravy forever!"

Farm to Pet via Science

From CBD grown on our own Central Oregon Hemp Farm, to our Chief Scientist (who happens to be a pack leader in Pet Food Science,) our gravy recipes are naturally healthy and delicious.

Human Grade

We believe in feeding our companions real food, so we crafted the only all natural, healthy, daily Pet CBD supplement delivery on the market.

Verified-Source CBD

We use proprietary blends of CBD, CBDa, CBN, and CBG from an approved Safe for Human Food extraction process, resulting in the healthiest Pet CBD Supplement available.

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Good Dawg Gravy


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"My 9 year old terrier corgi mix, Maverick, has a hip injury from years ago and now deals with athiritis.  I noticed that he was getting stiff in the evenings and stopped jumping on the couch about a year ago. I tried the Good Dawg CBD Gravy and all that changed after about a week.  He was a kid again!  I simply poured over his kibble and he chows it down.  I love that he loves it and the changes that I have seen in him.  Easily the best CBD for pets that I found." - Sean C.