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Meet Russ Easter and Stu Hicks, Co-Founders of Crafted Better Days, maker of Good Dawg Gravy.

Contact Russ

Contact Russ

Russ Easter is a lifelong, compassionate, dog owner having raised 7 Golden Retrievers.  "Each one has been a cherished, true family member."

(Throughout a 30-year corporate sales career, one or more of Russ's "Boys" were usually found beneath his work desk.)

From hiking, camping, fly fishing, floating the river, playing in the snow, to lying at his feet on the couch or bed, Russ's companions have been a constant in his life.

Russ began making today's Good Dawg Gravy Pet CBD Supplement in 2016 when the elder of the Boys, London, began to struggle with simple movements like rising from the floor and running with the younger Leo.

Like most pet owners, Russ's first CBD reference began at the local pet store.  "CBD Oil" was the suggestion for London's aches and pains - kicking off a daily dosing regimen for both dogs - and making possible several more years of fun activities, love, and companionship with his Boys.

Neighbors and friends afar came to rely on London and Leo's homemade CBD gravy, planting the idea for Russ's commitment to his Boys upon Leo's death just a few months after London had passed away: "I vowed not to find a new 'Boy' to raise until their Good Dawg Gravy made it to the market."

Stu Hicks came on board with a head start developing CBD products, including experience from seed-to-shelf in the exploding industry: his passion a result of finding cbd's healing properties when his own health seemed hopeless.

Stu was diagnosed with Adult Onset Muscular Dystrophy at age 40.  After suffering through two years of Grade III and IV Pathological Spondylolisthesis - chronic disc slippage - he found near-miraculous relief with a combination of diet coupled with a uniquely extruded hemp flower extract specifically manufactured for long term, daily use.

A Product Envisioneer, Stu has helped launch CBD product lines for clients including Oregon's first retail CBD offerings and Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship Manhattan, New York store's "CBD Beauty Corner".

Contact Stu

Contact Stu

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